Obey & Praise is a specialized manufacturer of electronic scoreboards

Founded July 20, 2000,And a portableelectronic scoreboard was 100% dependent on imports localization, Most portable scoreboards and various interest groups active in the domestic game, And supply from us Obey & Praise. In 2009, the development of production in the entire system of Gymnastics Wireless, The first time in history in 2011 Gymnastics delivery by the Korea Cup International tournament complete systems a successful tournament was the proceeds, certified product performance. As a result, the computer score system cleared the perception that there were many errors. Wushu is also utilizing the extended system by introducing score computing equipment.


OP regards social contribution as important.
We are carrying out social contribution projects for harmony and fairness,
which are important values of sports.

Since 2002, we have conducted scholarship programs and sponsorship projects for local students every year after year. In addition, we continue to carry out real-life contribution projects such as digging wells, supporting sporting goods, and building solar panel electricity through talent donation overseas.